The Importance of Gratitude for a Better Life

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Gratitude is the quality where you acknowledge what you are appreciative or thankful for. The importance of gratitude has a lot to do with mindset and attitude. There are strong social and emotional benefits to being grateful. When practiced regularly, it may help you feel more socially and emotionally fulfilled than you might feel otherwise. The practice of being grateful may cause a slowing of time; the ability to appreciate the little things going on around you. If you aren’t already aware, you should know the importance of gratitude for a better life. It’s one of those things that builds momentum for a better life.

the Importance of gratitude opportunity and how much you love life

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: Being grateful is highly addictive.

The Importance of Gratitude for a Better Life

When you lack gratitude you may feel stuck. You may feel a lack of connection and the ability to gain control over your life. It might feel like everything is an uphill battle. Maybe it feels like there isn’t time for you to take on things you enjoy because by the time you get around to it, you’re exhausted.

When you are grateful you are taking the time recognize the value your life holds and you become open and available to opportunity. You acknowledge and appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. You might start to notice the opportunity surrounding you, that was already there, that you may not have realized before. Showing gratitude allows you to be in the present and notice time a little differently. You feel in control of your situation. You manifest your future; things don’t just happen to you. When you are grateful you become open to great things happening in your life with the sentiment that it was meant to be. You are no longer drudging through”bad luck”.

When you are grateful you are taking the time recognize the value your life holds and you become open and available to opportunity.

Be Grateful for all that Adds Meaning to your Life

I feel the most gratitude when my life is simpler. When I have less things, am not comparing myself to others. When I am not focusing on what I don’t have, I am able to focus on what really matters. For example, when I am focused on materialism and consumerism, it takes away my ability to acknowledge the nuances of what is going on around me. It makes my brain too busy and can’t be present in my current surroundings. When I am focused on what matters to me personally, I am more easily able to show gratitude; I am happier. Further, when I think about what adds meaning to my life, I feel so grateful as I already have so much. So much of what I love is truly attainable; so long as I take the time to appreciate it.

Today I am Grateful

This morning I need to take a moment for gratitude. I am sitting at my desk on the first floor of our building at work. I start on second shift, so at 8:30 am. Everyone else got here at 8 am. I’m grateful to be surrounded by good people, the smell of superb coffee (Drumroaster no doubt), flowers, and walls made of glass to let the sun in.

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It’s my third day of work and I feel welcome and given a lot of independence. It leaves me to look through anything and everything relevant to me so I can learn as I go and begin adding value to this organization.

The Importance of Gratitude is that it Builds Momentum for a Better Life

I started work half an hour later than at my old job. I’m grateful that I no longer have to start my commute at 7 am, but more than an hour later.
goal setting gratitude qs creative qscreative
I am grateful that I have the extra time to put toward a passion of mine. Working on QS Creative in my free time makes me feel empowered. It’s freeing to have so much time and energy to put toward something that excited me, just because I want to; because I love it.
Plus, I have the best lunch room view I’ve ever had. I’m grateful and loving every minute of it.

Since my partner works longer days, he only has to work four days per week. A three day weekend. Every. Single. Week. Now that’s the life. We’re both grateful for the opportunity for work / life balance

Today is a Good Day

It was a grey and misty morning at home so I opened the blinds, and cracked the window just enough to let some fresh air in. Then I poured my coffee, lit my “fireside” candle from Bath and Body Works, pulled up a cozy blanket and parked myself on the couch with my laptop. I did some content creation and scheduling of posts on Facebook. Also, I did a bit of social media management contract work. Which I do on the side as part of my scheme to gain new skills and create location independent income. Then I started working my way through some blog stuff I wanted to finish. Like you, I had to go to work today but you know what, I did exactly what I wanted all morning, which put me in a great headspace.
The time flew by but I loved every minute of it. I’m feeling grateful today for all that I have. I left one amazing job to another, half an hour closer to home. Many people here know me and are so welcoming. In a week and a half I will be getting married. My new boss approved about three and a half weeks vacation time that I requested this summer, as part of negotiating my start date. My desk has natural light, I am relaxed in my workspace, and feeling calm. And…it’s just about 8:30. I am so grateful. It’s all in the little things, right? Today is a good day.
Comment below to share with me what you are grateful for today.

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Gratitude for a Better Life”

  1. I think that gratitude is easiest to identify when you have gone through something and come out the other end. Like you were saying about the changes in your work lives, it’s easier to be grateful when you’ve experienced something differently. It doesn’t have to be traumatic, just less ideal than life as you know it now. You just have to recognize it.

  2. Great post – sometimes we tend to move too fast in life and forget to take a moment to appreciate the little things around us. Gratitude is so important to emotional, mental and physical health!


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