Four Simple Productivity Hacks to Help you Kick Ass All Week Long

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Sometimes you’re productive during the week, and sometimes you just can’t get caught up. No more autopilot, no more feeling like you are underwater and stressed out. Check out these four productivity hacks to help you kick ass all week long!

I don’t know about you but I am more easily flustered, annoyed, and short with people when I am not feeling organized and in control. It’s going to happen from time to time, but where I can, I will prevent it and be the best version of myself that I can.

I’m convinced that you will feel like a better person by implementing these four simple productivity hacks to help you kick ass all week long. You will feel like you have everything under control and no one can get in your way. You got this!

4 Simple Productivity Hacks to Help you Kick Ass All Week Long

More easily, you will be able to remain calm, cool and collected, showing the world the best version of your best self, intentionally. 

We Can't all Be Perfect, all the Time

I just want to preface this article by stating that it is intended for the person looking for more control in their life. If you got too much going on right now and you can’t implement even one of these strategies, just remember you are not alone and you gotta prioritize what matters most for you and your family.

How will these Four Simple Productivity Hacks Help you Kick Ass All Week Long?

These four hacks will allow you to use the limited energy you have to be productive. The ultimate goal is to feel like you aren’t stretching yourself too thin, and you’ll likely fall into a heavenly slumber when your head hits the pillow at the end of the day. Sleep is so important, and it’s much easier to sleep more soundly knowing that you haven’t forgotten a few things that need to be taken care of as soon as you wake. Rest assured, we will get you there!

exercise for productivity

The foundation of these top tips is that you will be taking care of yourself first; so you’ll be feeling like your best self all week long. Maybe you will show more patience or be more stoic in challenging situations. If you know what helps keep you prepared and sane throughout the week (lists; exercise; bubble baths) perhaps these four hacks will give you more headspace so you can make sure you have time to do the other strategies work for you.

By following these four simple productivity hacks, you will spend more time for yourself, and on yourself, so you can be afforded the time to think, and not feel so rushed. Especially when you are bending over backwards for everyone else that relies on you all week long.

Now, without further adieu, four simple productivity hacks to help you kick ass all week long.

Four Simple Productivity Hacks to Help you Kick Ass All Week Long

1. Meal Prep

Meal prep is my first hack; and it’s an important one too! 

When you aren’t prepared and hunger strikes, you are more likely to get take out for lunch. Often these foods are expensive, and less healthy than a homemade option. Additionally, it’s easy to want to pick something up on the way home, or to eat grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner when you are tired at the end of your work day. Nothing against grilled cheese sandwiches, until when you begin to rely on their delicious comfort.

The point here is that it’s hard to be in control and make your preferred choices when you are already hungry and are caught unprepared. Meal prep makes it easy to eat wholesome meals, save money and create fewer dishes to clean up throughout the week.

I’m not suggesting you eat chicken and veggies all week long, but try to spend some time making lunches and prepping some key ingredients for dinners throughout the week. This will likely take between 2-4 hours each Sunday depending on how elaborate your plans are.

meal prep

Lunch Prep

My favourite hacks for meal prepping lunches are to make:

  • sandwiches;
  • salads;
  • soups; and
  • one-pot meals like stir-fry, curries, chili, and pasta dishes, since they create fewer dirty dishes and reheat so well.

For lunches I also like to prep some snacks in bulk. I usually make a couple of the following to snack on while we are at work:

  • oatmeal with frozen berries, raisins and walnuts, or chopped apple;
  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • mini quiches or egg cups;
  • homemade hummus (sometimes I switch it up by using black beans, different spices, or adding roast sweet potato);
  • rice cakes sandwiched together with peanut butter (this is one of my fave treats);
  • sliced veggies (pepper, cucumber, carrots, celery); and
  • homemade granola bars, muffins or scones.

Dinner Prep

Dinner prep requires a bit of thinking ahead. You want to pick items to prep that are fairly versatile, and that you are sure you can use, to avoid waste. My favourite hacks for getting prepped for upcoming dinner meals include:

  • cooking a few cups of rice to toss into dishes such as burritos, curries, or other one-pot meals;
  • chopping versatile items such as onion, garlic, and peppers; 
  • roasting veggies (my faves are carrots, beets, and sweet potato);
four productivity hacks meal prep
  • making ahead entire meals like: shepherds pie, meatloaf, homemade hamburgers, and veggie, turkey or chicken pot pies. The homemade crust on the pot pies makes it so “extra” and satisfying without that much additional work. SO yum!

2. Get Up Earlier

Get up earlier to make more time for yourself in the morning. Set your alarm 15 minutes early so you can stretch, meditate and have a big drink of water first thing in the morning. Ultimately, I encourage you to develop a morning routine that includes activities that make you feel your best. For me that includes, at the very least, stretching and drinking a big glass of water. Where possible I will make warm lemon water, stretch, meditate, and make a list for the day.

When you wake up is the perfect time to notice what is going on around you (the weather outside; the sounds; the smells), do some deep breathing, and think about the day to come. Manifest how will you feel today. Reflect and spend a few minutes on affirmations: ” I will be productive and focused at work despite the meetings I must attend”; “At lunch I will be present and taste my food ;” ” I am going to focus, get my work done by noon, and then spend some time outdoors”. Your affirmations should work for your specific situation. Because you are focusing on what YOU want your day to look like. When you wake set the tone for the day.

3. Take Breaks and Get Moving

go for a walk and get moving

In most workplaces you get a short break or two, and a longer lunch break. Take advantage of this time to get away from your desk/department and get some fresh air. Further, why not make your time productive by running errands like dropping things at the post office, picking up groceries or hitting the bank before the end of day rush. 

Alternatively, you can buy yourself some more head-space. Take a few minute walk, device free, to see what’s on your mind. Do you need to jot down a few things you need to remember, or some ideas for your passion project? Maybe you just need to walk off your rushed morning. Need it or not, I highly recommend spending a few minutes to get outside and get your blood flowing so you can return to work feeling fresh and ready to go.

This hack is actually so important to me that I included it in my Daily Practices that Improve your Life post. My favourite way to use my breaks is to shift what I am thinking about. I usually put on some good walking shoes, pop in my headphones and go for a  brisk walk while listening to my favourite podcasts. This usually gets me feeling inspired and excited about my own goals and projects, so I do spend some time on my phone jotting down notes and coming up with ideas. Furthermore, I get to return to work and refocus my energy and get through the second half of the day.

4. Prepare for the Next Day and Wind Down for Bed

Before you get ready for bed, think about your next day and decide what will be worthwhile to get ready ahead of time. This will also help you avoid forgetting anything really important, such as if you have a formal meeting, o need to wear appropriate clothes and shoes for a site visit. Maybe you need to pack extra snacks for a long day, or sign that overdue permission slip for your mini-me.  When I prepare for the next day, it usually goes like this:



  • Gather all items for my lunch together in the fridge: main meal, fruit, chopped veggies, yogurt, or whatever else I might be taking;
  • Ensure the french press is clean, and coffee is freshly ground and ready to go;
  • set out work clothes;
  • laptop is charging (to work on my blog outside of work); and 
  • occasionally put smoothie ingredients into my Vitamix to stick into the fridge overnight so it’s ready to go in the morning.
Stasher Silicon snack bags

Basically, by ensuring that I’ve taken the time to prep for the next day, my morning can be focused on me and I won’t feel rushed. I’ll have taken the time to consider anything important so I shouldn’t forget anything or be unprepared.

Once I have prepared anything that I want ready-to-go for the next day, I will spend some time winding down before bed. The next activities are all about calming my mind and body to make me feel more ready for sleep.

I like to start winding down by brushing my teeth so I don’t want to snack. I also often write lists in my phone if I am have lots of thoughts floating around or ideas running through my mind. By making a list and documenting your thoughts I find it allows you to feel more at rest and it makes falling asleep a lot easier. Finally, if I think I have time and I want to have an EXTRA good sleep, I like to have a hot shower to get cozy and warm, and finish my night by reading in bed. I usually start dozing within a few minutes which works perfect for me!

four simple productivity hacks get prepared for tomorrow and get a good sleep

Thank you for checking out my four simple productivity hacks to help you kick ass all week long! Please let me know your favourite productivity hacks so I can continue to improve.  If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends. I also love to hear your favourite meals and snacks to prep for the week so I can change it up and keep it fresh! Thanks for visiting and I wish you many productive days ahead!

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  1. I’ve really got to work on my productivity and time management. It’s so easy for me to get distracted and then not get nearly as much done as I set out to. I definitely think it’s a good idea to get up earlier. I love my sleep, but whenever I do manage to wake up early, I feel so much more productive. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. I love how practical these tips are! The best way to become more productive is definitely through small, simple steps rather than trying to overhaul your whole life all at once. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes! Totally agree with you on all of these but girl, the getting up thing is soooo hard for me. My body just prefers 12 hours of sleep that I don’t have! LOL!


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