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It was between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2018. Earlier that year that I had discovered that my husband and I had more than $70,000 in debt. 

Throughout 2018 I had made a lot of subtle changes that not only had led me to save tens of thousands of dollars, but also improved my sense of security, confidence and self-worth.

I wanted to write about it so that other people could feel more financially savvy and worthy of living the life of their dreams. I felt compelled to start a blog to reach more people.

I Tried to Blog Before

I started one of those “.wordpress.com” blogs to get my voice out there without investing a bunch of money. I was worried about the costs associated with starting a blog. So I didn’t set up my own website.

I woke up early the next few days to share my discoveries about how to improve your life, and…crickets. No comments that my content resonated with anybody, and little to no traffic. This was not sustainable. That was not what I wanted.

It didn’t really feel like a real blog. I mean I wrote a few posts on things that I really cared about but nobody was even reading it. I also really believed in the blogging community and wanted to be a part of it.

The fact that nobody came to my blog totally defeated the purpose for me since I wanted to share what I’d learned. I actually really wanted to share with a big audience if I’m being honest.

Also since I had been learning a lot about personal finance, I knew I wanted to diversify my income so that if I was ever was super unhappy at work or lost my job, I had options. But at this point I was feeling quite stuck.

I got a second job over the holidays but it just took away from my quality-of-life, and time with family. I felt drained working two conventional jobs.

Why start a Blog?

Closing my eyes, I dreamed of a job where I could work while traveling the world, or from the cozyness of my own home. I wanted my blog to be a business so that it could support itself and hopefully one day, me.

Blogging is one of the most scalable side hustles out there with the potential to make thousands of dollars per month, or even more if your blog really takes off.

You do a set amount of work creating a product, or making a sponsorship video that can be consumed by people all around the entire world. Or you can run ads passively.

If you feel like you’re not the creative type you can make tons of money through affiliate marketing by recommending products that you already love.

It was like an itch I just couldn’t scratch. I gave up on that other free blog since it just didn’t give me what I wanted but I still felt stuck. I knew there was so much opportunity, but how could I get started? I don’t know anyone personally who blogs so that wasn’t really an option.

But then this past summer something amazing happened. I was listening to my weekly podcasts that I subscribe to and reading the posts from my favourite bloggers when they reached out to me all at once. They were telling me about this new course that was the “real deal” in blogging.

Gold City Ventures launched a course entitled Blogging for Profit. It’s all about how to start a blog that will make you money right out of the gate. And they teach you to do it in a way that makes you and your audience feel good about helping each other. It’s not spammy, it’s not in unethical.

Gold City Ventures’ Blogging for Profit Course was developed by Cody from Fly to Fi and Julie from Millennial Boss. I already know who these two people are! They are super successful business owners and side hustlers. Basically money making geniuses.

I thought, how cool would it be to have these two as mentors while starting my own business?! They both make generous full time incomes through blogging. If anyone knows how to start a money making blog it’s these two.

All of these highly credible people that I listened to every single week were pointing me to this blogging for profit course. Blog owners who never did sponsorships. Ever. They said this particular course that Cody and Julie had put together was something special.

Did they read my mind? How did they know that starting a blog was so what I wanted to do so badly? And frankly that I needed help.

Blogging for Profit has 15 jam-packed modules and each module has anywhere from around 6-13 lessons.

How Much Does it Cost, and Was it Worth it?

I was nervous because I didn’t want to initially put any money in starting, but I need to get money out of it I would have to have a proper website so that I could reach my audience. I realized I was going to spend more money figuring it out  on my own than if I took the course.

Cody and Julie share with you what are non-negotiables in terms of what you need to pay for when you start a blog, and what you can wait for until later once you have a bigger readership. They helped me start a blog pretty much for the lowest price possible.

They specified exactly what websites to use and what specifically you might want to upgrade later.

This course saved me money and a TON of time. I could have easily spent hundreds more by going through trial and error of trying to figure it out myself. They did all that for me by sharing proven methods, resources, and strategies to succeed that they learned over their own years of blogging.

I was Excited to Put Myself First

I found myself getting up earlier than I had to for my main job. Sitting on my couch with wet hair still from having a shower, hot mug of tea, eyes wide open ready to consume this course. I was so reluctant to spend what now seems like such a small amount for all the value I received.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to drop $250 shopping for clothes. And clothes didn’t bring me that much joy. Maybe the very first time I wore them.

It was so real and so exciting. I was making a big change for the better in, what felt like, my life! This is i t. I’m finally putting myself and my goals first.

blogging for profit course qs creative make money online

My personal favourite part about the course is the bonus content. They included content from a bunch of leaders in the community like Kristen Larsen and Grant Sabatier on topics like Facebook Ads, SEO, Pinterest, and Comp’d Travel.

seo bloigging for profit course

How do I know if I can do it?

This isn’t a written book to learn from on your own. These are real experts in their field showing you exactly what to do and why. Step by step.

Even though you can take months to complete the course if you want, it will light a fire under your butt and you will not want to stop until you’re finished. Blogging for Profit is not a course you are going to let sit there unfinished, it’s contagious!

Even if you can’t start right away, you have access to the entire course for life, so you can work at your own pace.

This was a HUGE determining factor for deciding to take the course – I had my wedding coming up in two weeks and couldn’t guarantee any time would go to this new project for a few weeks. Yet, I was still pumped to start.

Anyone is capable of completing the content in this course as it doesn’t require you to have any prior technical knowledge. Honestly even if you have a blog that isn’t successfully making you money, Blogging for Profit can add value for you.

My biggest takeaways from the course

Just Get Started

Honestly, thinking back, I’m glad I just took action. I realize now that sometimes you have to try a few things before one sticks. This course provided me all the resources and support I needed to be successful and I am happier for it.

Focus on doing Good Work, Not on being Perfect

As someone who wants to present only her best work, I needed this advice. I heard it over and over from different bloggers. Basically, you are going to get better at blogging as you go, and many peoplego back and cringe at their first few posts, videos, podcast episodes, etc. You need to take action to get better. Focusing on pumping out good work, not perfect masterpieces is the key to getting stuff done so that you can improve your skills.

Getting a Blog off the Ground Takes Time

Content takes time to “season” for SEO and domain authority. Go in thinking about the long game. This is the rest of your life so imagine your blog two years from now. As an example, many bloggers say that their seasonal posts do better the second year they are live. It’s important to have patience and if you want better results, focus on improving what you can with SEO and getting your content out there. But don;t forget that patience is key.

Networking makes for Huge Opportunity

Just another reason why this course is amazing. Being connected to Cody and Julie is huge, but also building relationships with the other bloggers in the Facebook group.

Where am I now?

Now, I can confidently introduce myself. Hi everyone, my name is Sadie and I am the founder of QSCreative.com. I created this blog to help women feel inspired, confident and empowered to design the life they feel passionate about. I finally feel so connected to the blogging community and it has already opened up so many opportunities. Plus, I get to spend my time writing about subjects I really care about like Gratitude, Mental Health, and everything else that adds meaning to my life.

How you can Sign Up

Ready to take the leap and put your goals first? Sign up here. 

I wish you all the luck in starting your blog; I can’t wait to see you progress into a new life of working for yourself as your main source of income, or on the side, like me.

My Blog QS Creative could NOT exist without these Julie & Cody, and their course. Thank you so much Julie and Cody, for sharing your knowledge. This course was quite literally, the catalyst that has sent me on a new trajectory in my life.

I wish you all the luck in your new adventure and I can’t wait to hear your stories.

All the best and don’t forget to live intentionally. Bye for now!

This content may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. However, I only recommend products or services that I genuinely like and trust.

This content may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. However, I only recommend products or services that I genuinely like and trust.

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