I like big snacks and I cannot lie…

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I’m pretty sure the goal of this post is to show that I’m human and I’m not perfect. I have a lot of good days and some bad days too. Give yourself credit where it’s due, keep making goals and live your best life.

So I just ate 800 calories worth of trail mix for a snack. I never claimed to be perfect. Eating properly is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life. I never grew up with a lot of information about nutrition at home, and I was overweight well before the time that I had high school. Diet culture was definitely something that I was exposed to and as I became a young adult I focused more on eating nutritious foods without restriction. Somehow I’ve become a chronic snacker.

I had great success with tracking what I’ve been eating the past little while as I’ve been shedding some fat, but the success comes and goes and my main goal is just to track my food so that I remain aware of what I’m eating, calorie wise. I’ve been struggling with this mindset of “what is enough”. I really like the idea of trying to just eat for nutrition and when you have enough, anything else is just excess. However I also suffer of this scarcity mindset that makes me think I need to eat in case I can’t later or that if I don’t eat more of the yummy satisfying nutritious foods, that I will succumb to the devil on my shoulder and stop for a secret Dairy Queen blizzard on the way home, or order Chinese food for and then “binge” for dinner.

My goal is to focus on body positivity but when I look at my food tracker and see that I just spent nearly a days worth of food on a snack of not mix it’s hard not to feel defeated. I’m cool with it, other than it’s been an hour and my stomach is legit growling right now.