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Welcome to my holy grail products that add value to my life.

Here you will find a list of items I would purchase over and over again; their quality, and the value they add to my life is well worth the money we have paid for them…knowing that I also gain points on my credit card and get cash back with Rakuten (formerly Ebates), heh.

If you have any questions about these items, feel free to reach out to me. I’m passionate about these products and would never mention something I didn’t believe in.

Kitchen Tools

This blender is a game changer. Can you even just call it a “blender”? It purees hot soups, which my Nutribullet can’t do. The Vitamix takes my chunky frozen ingredients and makes them super smooth. This is really what I was after when I purchased the Vitamix. However, I have since made a plethora of dips, sauces, flours, butters, raw vegan desserts, you name it. The Vitamix makes eating nutritious real food fun and easy…even for my husband. If it ever breaks I will be purchasing another one.

Vitamix blender gift guide

These knives are of superior quality and keep my hands from getting sore while cooking, since they are super sharp and cutting giant root vegetables has become easy as pie.

I LOVE these two knives, and receive both as gifts. If I were to purchase these myself I would likely opt for this 3-piece knife set to get the best value for my money.

These are the greatest. I purchased them to reduce plastic waste. We use them mostly for snacks to bring to work or to store items in the fridge. They also can be used for sous vide, and a variety of other things.

We have a variety of colours in these two sizes.

Stasher Silicon snack bags gift guide
Instant Pot gift guide

Instant Pots were super on-trend for a while. My relationship with my instant pot has far outlived the craze. I love it most for one-pot meals like pastas, soups, curries and stews. My favourite use is for when it’s super hot out and you don’t want to turn on the over or slave over the stove. Pasta done in less than twenty minutes, and only one dish to clean? Yes please!


I work on one and I absolutely love it. I appreciate that if a component breaks or I want to upgrade, it’s made to let you do that. I replaced my CD drive with a 1TB hard drive…why? Because my old laptop crapped out on me and you can buy an adapter for my new laptop that allows you to do just that. You can also get a larger battery that lasts longer. I like the simplicity and flexibility that this laptop provides. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable, especially if you can find a refurbished one!

Lenovo Thinkpad Buying Guide Recommend

Get the 9-cell not only as a general backup to avoid running out of battery, but the it has more juice than the original 6-cell that comes with the laptop. Never be stuck without power again. I received this as a gift and my battery lasts six hours, and nearly ten hours when combined with the original battery. Perfect for traveling, working where there is no power (camping), or if you don’t want to pack your charger to school or the coffee shop.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Recommendation gratitude
fountain pen kaweco sport recommendation

Great quality, clean lines, extra fine point, variety of colours, what else could you ask for?

This is a lightweight and classic fountain pen that is sure to strike up a conversation. You can buy a variety of ink cartridge colours. It’s fun, affordable, and I love it. If I were to purchase this again I would go for a medium or broad nib (I purchased extra-fine) for extra personality.

The standard ones. While I dream of owning the airpods, I have had major trouble spending the money to pick these suckers up.

Apple earbud headphones recommend gift guide

I have Bose noise-cancelling headphones (which I saved up for) and honestly, I prefer the simplicity and multi-purpose quality of the Apple headphones. Their size is perfect for stuffing in my pocket as I leave the office, or in the sleeve of my laptop bag to listen to music while I work. The quality is good for my purposes: listening to podcasts, music and making phone calls. These also have still been usable after going through both washer and dryer cycles (not that I would recommend it), and if required, the replacement cost is fairly affordable.

I find the standard corded apple headphones that have the microphone and volume adjustment to be the best headphones for everyday use. Personally, I originally thought that the original headphones with the lightening adapter was ideal. However I experienced more issues with the headphones going fuzzy, intermittent, or completely silent. I like to have a set with the headphone jack to keep with my laptop, and a lightening jack to keep with my headphones. I figure fewer parts causes fewer issues.


I love me some merino! Basically, merino is super comfortable and natural. It keeps you warm when it’s wet and manages to keep you cool and dry when its hot out. Icebreaker makes merino wool accessible, they have tons of products and it’s easy to understand which pieces are right for you. They have tons of reviews for each item so you’ll know how it fits, and their pieces range from performance to casual wear (which I love). They aren’t inexpensive but I believe they are quality, good value and have a great warranty. I get really hot when I exercise, even when it’s super cold outside, so merino keeps me a comfortable temperature when other fabrics don’t. Some of my favourite pieces include their socks, waypoint crewe sweater, headbands, hoodies and Helix jacket.

Icebreaker merino wool affinity headband helix jacket waypoint crewe

Personal & Hygiene

routine all natural baking soda-free deodorant sexy sadie calgary

This shit is amazing! Actually, it’s the only deodorant you’ll ever need again. I bet that all of Routine’s natural deodorants are amazing. Their branding is beautiful and fun, and they are made by a sister duo in Calgary, AB, Canada.

I have tried a lot of natural deodorants. I really wanted to like Lush deodorant and the Schmidt’s brand (bergamot lime smells SO good). Honestly Every brand I have tried makes my skin so irritated. I used them for long periods of time despite having a giant circle of a rash under my arms because I was trying to troubleshoot how I could get it to work for me. I tried making my own. I tried the potted kind and the stick kind. I have spent a lot of money over the years trying to find one that worked for me. Searching no more. Baking soda and wetness were my main issues, and while it is still a deodorant (so it doesn’t keep you from sweating), Routine’s baking soda-free deodorant will be my go-to forever. Girls, if you are reading this, I’d love a baking soda-free coconut vanilla scent! Did somebody say collab? 😉

I first tried the Diva cup in 2013 and was NOT looking forward to it. We were told to use them when we traveled to Ghana, because it other supplies would not always be readily available and because it would produce less waste. Since getting over the barrier of trying it, I now use it regularly. It is comfortable, reliable and convenient compared to pads or tampons. Plus, it feels good to be more sustainable.

fitbit Ionic gift Guide

This is a fantastic tool.  I have had the Fitbit Ionic since it was released and I absolutely love it. It is a part of my everyday life and links to other apps I use like Strava. I like the additional features of this version including onboard GPS, the durable band and on-screen workouts.

I use the GPS regularly since I prefer to not fiddle with my phone when I am out mountain biking or commuting to work, but I still want to track my route. If you’re ready to spend some money on a product like this, I love mine.

Personally, while I prefer the additional functions that the Fitbit Ionic has for myself, I think that this is the next best thing. The main benefit of this fitbit is the heart rate monitor. If you also want on-screen notifications and the Apple Pay function then definitely go for the Charge 3. Otherwise, the heart-rate function is a useful tool for assessing how hard you are pushing yourself during a workout, and allows you to see progress over time. It also has great functions for tracking your sleep, which I review every morning. If you are trying to decide on a Fitbit, and want something a bit more economical, this is my second favourite device that Fitbit produces.

These are just plain comfortable and lightweight. They don’t move and they are very comfortable for gym sessions and getting sweaty. You must be wondering – yes I do really love these underwear. I have probably a dozen different pairs because they have become harder to find and I never want to be without them!

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