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The different gift guides presented by QS Creative only include items that I deem to absolutely add value to my life.



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Who might enjoy these items?

I am a fairly simple person, and I enjoy products that are functionally impressive and of a quality that will last a long time.

Some of these items were unsuspected gifts, and some I have purchased myself. Every item on one of these lists are products or experiences that I would absolutely repurchase should they fail, or to experience again once entirely consumed.

I share my lists because they may provide inspiration as great gift ideas for similar-minded folks. For those who have everything, or don’t want much at all, and some intentional thought has gone into identifying items that make the list.

Surely, some of these products may seem boring, and not “trendy”, but this is the point. Everything listed it intended for its purpose, and it does it well.

It genuinely makes me happy to see, feel and use these products.

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