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Net Worth Update:
September, 2019

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By Sadie

Each month I evaluate our net worth. I don’t use the most conventional method for determining net worth. Usually you take all of your assets, including the saleable value of your items, and minus the liabilities. I don’t exactly do that. I start by calculating my assets (cash, savings, investments) and I do not include the value of items such as my car. I don’t include them because I view my vehicle as a tool, it will only depreciate, and I don’t intend to sell it. If I had equity in a residence, I would include that. Then I calculate my liabilities (debt including loans and credit card balance) and minus this amount from my assets. This gives me mine and my husband’s net worth: all of our assets and all of our debt combined. I track it monthly to stay motivated and to see whether I’m improving. I use an app called “Wealth+” to input my numbers. It’s a simple tool I enter data into; it’s not tied to my accounts or anything. At the time of writing this post, the Personal Capital app is not available in Canada.
This is our net worth for September, 2019.

Assets (+$27,387)

Bank Accounts: $14,793

Investments: $12,594

Liabilities (-$41,799)

Credit Cards: $1,414

Loans: $40,385

Sadie’s Student Loan, Kevin’s Student Loan and Car Loan.

Notes: Car Loan calculated, but not car value.

TOTAL: -$14,412

This is a change of $3,093 and an increase of 18% net worth over last month. I look forward to checking in again next month – see you there!


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